The safety of our clients, employees and suppliers is a priority.


In response to the elevated risks of the COVID-19 virus, MGSI is monitoring the situation at a local level. We are following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We have instituted the following policies and procedures related to COVID-19.


  • MGSI office spaces are fully open. N-95, KN-95, or other approved face coverings shall be properly donned by persons prior to entering MGSI spaces. 

  • When meeting with customers or vendors, strict social distancing measures will be adhered to, and all parties shall wear N-95 or other approved masks.

  • Work in occupied residential properties will be completed with strict adherence to PPE and distancing protocol. Occupants of the home shall leave and stay clear of the work area, preferably with doors to the work area closed. MGSI employees working in occupied properties are given the authority to exercise full discretion to exit as they see fit if the occupant is not following distancing protocol, if sanitation of the property is not adequate, or the health and transmission mitigation methods of the occupant are in question.

  • New construction projects will continue to be completed prior to occupancy.​

  • Employees shall report any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 immediately. Employees shall also report any symptoms by others within living spaces at home. 

  • MGSI spaces shall be sanitized daily. 

  • All MGSI employees shall wear an appropriate mask while conducting business within MGSI spaces. MGSI will supply N95, KN95, or other similar type masks as they become available. Employees may use their own reusable / washable masks. Employees may remove their masks when at their individual work spaces. 


  • MGSI reinforces the need to follow local authorities’ guidelines and recommendations.


For more information, please call us during normal business hours at 319-351-2261 or email us at

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